Maybe this is not a snapshot of an actual content on this blog, but  I just wanted to post this as my first blog post. Because a wise person said this to me and I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason(including starting this blog) and by the end, I’ll tell you what this statement leads to.

Some skeptical minds would give the instant reaction ‘ HELL NO!’.Why would someone suffer from cancer? or why would someone fail in the examination? Does this happen for a reason? Well, it’s something that no one can prove, but yes there is a reason for everything which we go through in our lives. Failure and success are by design they are part of nature’s chisel, chipping away at us in an attempt to improve our lives. And it doesn’t happen by sitting around and feeling sorry for ourselves. We might not realize it today, but later we need to turn that mess into a message.

However, there are 3 underlying facts which we need to realize and believe it that

#1 –  it gives a positive outlook towards life

Many times we put our past and present on a weighing scale and have been thankful for the failures and bad times. Perhaps, we need to keep moving on and this false-truth makes an excellent bait to ease the level of negative emotions and bring more positivity when in desperate need.

#2-  it helps invite progress, not perfection

We think  that we are struggling  to bring out  perfection in our lives, but we actually stay stagnant until we’re jolted out of our old limiting patterns  by some deep amount of pain or failure ,that’s when life’s real lessons kick into high gear and let us know that we are progressing our lives from obstacles rather than bringing our perfect life backhands.

#3- It helps us to heal and make more real

For all the skeptical questions, there’s only one answer and we know that life gives us only two things- happiness and sadness. And we always strive for happiness and this is what makes us real. For example, if a person who fights from cancer and wins over it, makes him the most respectable person in the world. And a person who fails can only know the pleasure of success which came from his failure. This is what the uniqueness is, that we found ourselves in our failures and make us as a real person.

And if you are thinking that why I’m telling this, and wondering I’m an expert. Then let me tell you, some things in life come with experience rather than expertness. To end this, Sometimes we don’t see a sunshine behind rain and good time behind that pain.
Someday everything will make sense by time.

So, for now, let’s learn to laugh at the confusion, smile through tears and keep reminding ourselves that  EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!

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  1. Uday says:

    Nice blog!!!👍

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    1. Thank you!! for commenting.

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  2. lakhsmi nari says:

    Great blog, had a nice time reading this.

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    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂


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