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What makes life monotonous?  Generally, people are used for a routine lifestyle and do some repetitive, predictable things, this feels little unexciting when things look like, Ever felt the same, then you definitely need a break from your routine life. So, I’ve made a list of some best things to do when bored and want to live those moments. These listicles are simple you can actually start from now and no one denied them being the best experiences to have. So, let’s see

#1  Spend a night under scintillating stars


Find a place with relatively free of unnatural light and marvel at the beauty of the sky all night long especially the beautiful stars. These days we don’t even look at the sky and count the stars, which we used to do when we were the child. So just spending a night under stars, making bonfire is the best thing to do and the experience is indescribable.

#2 Rejuvenate with nature


In the cities and suburbs, we don’t get enough time to spend with nature
(parks, gardens, scenic views around) and we just bring some plants and flower pots put them in the balcony and convince ourselves that it’s also a part of nature. But the real nature allows quiet, unstructured space in which to sort out our problems, think through what’s been going through life and plan goals for the future. So spending time once in a while with nature rejuvenate us and keeps a positive mind.

#3  Buy/Adopt a pet


Aren’t pets the most adorable creation in the world? They are, but some people will turn up saying we don’t have enough time for living own life and how we can take time for pets. I know this is not that simplest thing to do but, trust me this is the best way to deal with monotonous life and you’ll never ever regret in life having a pet.

#4 Find your interest and engage yourself

Everyone has some unspoken interests which they wanted to do in their childhood and never did that. But, it’s never late to learn anything, so just find and recollect your interests like drawing, painting, DIY’s, singing etc and engage yourself.

#5  Adopt a habit of reading Book



Now, reading books are boring and some people use books as sleeping pills. To anyone else, books may look like pages full of dull print. This is because lack of imagination and you need to visualize everything that the author writes. And this doesn’t happen overnight. You should start reading from storybooks and slowly make it as a habit . Books are a medium to transport us to another world and this will be true for you when you actually start reading.

So, above mentioned are my best choice for things to do when I felt life is just happening. I hope you relate to some of these and start doing them. Because life seems to be too short when you start regretting it. So for now just Love the life you have, Live the life you dreamed 🙂


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