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For many of us, our 20’s are the precious years of milestones we crossed
figuring an outlook on life, learning about family and friends, framing out a career, knowing plenty of unspoken things and slowly but surely knowing ourselves
by going through some of the most transformative years of our life and it can be pretty complicated . As every person and day is different, change and learning come along inevitably. Just like how we are nothing like we were in a year ago, our thoughts also evolve, especially in our 20’s. So here are some lessons life will teach us and we have to learn, if not learn now

#1 When we were kids we want to become old and when we are old we again want to become kids, this is the biggest lesson we ever learn. Because life is always unpredictable and we can’t stop, forward or rewind, it just passes. So don’t wait for tomorrow, live what you are now.

#2 Family is everything

A family is important and everything way more than we think. Because they are the only one who trusts and support us during our hard time no matter how old we become and no matter how old they become. Stopping here, because family is a never-ending emotion.

#3 Time is the most valuable thing we can spend

Being a busy breed, generally speaking, so the time we invest in meaningful and holds a distinct purpose and intentional value to our life. So, engage with people who value and respect our time, not those who waste it or take it for granted. Because time once spent will not come again. So spend it wisely for a reason and always find a purpose.

#4 Grades actually matter?

From childhood, some of us are taught that knowledge matters than grades. But by growing old we come to know that actually grades also play important role in our career at some point in time. But we should not take it for granted. So keep the fancy report cards away, that page is not game turner anymore.

#5 Relatives remember us only on our results day

Everyone can relate to this if we are Indians. Because we may forget them sometimes or they might forget us, but on the results, day relatives will surely get connected with us no matter how far we are and how old we grow. If the results are constant then it’s okay. If it’s more or less than we have to get ready for a huge list of comparisons and calls, by the way.

#6 Don’t take people for granted

At the end of the day, people we love are the reason all the hard, messy stuff we work through is so worth it. Relationships are everything and people are permanent, don’t ever take this for granted. Because everything changes by time especially people.

#7 Travel when we can


We travel because we need to, distance and difference are the tonics of creativity.
At home, we are always the same because everything is well organized and designed, and when we come out of the home we then come to know the real world. Later we will learn to live according to the world only when we start traveling.

#8 Health is the main priority

Sometimes we come to a conclusion that looks really matter and we try to change it and don’t take care of ourselves. But later we have to realize that not all people are beautiful inside out. So, it’s really important to reset our priorities and live a healthy life.

#9 No matter what you do or do not. You’ll be judged, every time, every place and for every occasion, we have to accept it.

#10 A childhood friend of us might not be there in our adulthood

…..and that’s okay. We group up, apart, end into new friendship’s as we are in our 20’s and it’s highly likely that we have to grow apart from the person we’ve been friends since we were younger. Things change, life doesn’t happen exactly and sometimes we begin to lead different lives with different people.
Some people aren’t simply meant to be in our life forever. As we age, we find new people to inspire us and share our time with whether we found them in school, college, or at work, the friendship that sticks are the once that are meant to.

…..to be continued

Also, see part two!! I’ve saved the best here

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  1. With thanks! Valuable information!

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    1. Thank you Justin Muscat. Hope you had a good time reading it.


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