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This is the part two of lessons we learn in our 20’s,because life lessons are
always enormous. So the remaining lessons we learn are as follows,let’s see

#11 Life is not a destination,it’s a journey


Our 20’s are to explore!No matter how much we want to get settled and relax,we have to learn to enjoy the present.Destination is beautiful,no doubt about it,but it’s our journey that makes all the difference.
#12 Everything Happens for a reason
“ Be thankful for what you have ,you’ll end up having more.If you concentrate
on what you don’t have ,you’ll never ,ever have enough”
-Oprah Winfrey
We are going to get knocked down on nearly every step of our life hence forth.And its not going to be easy to get back up.Its going to be hard and will get harder.Start loving it and never forget that everything happens for a reason.
#13 Sometimes we have to say ‘No’


“ Its only by saying No that you can concentrate on the things,that
are really important.”
Simply No.Don’t complicate it.I know how we feel when we say YES to almost
everybody and everything even we don’t want to.But here is the thing,saying No will make us feel bad for the moment,but focusing on long term we will be grateful for our choice.
#14 Forgive


Once we learn how to forgive others for their mistakes,for all the wrongs they have done with us ,our life changes ,we stop holding grudges and we become calm.Forgiving others is the best thing we can do as a real person.
#15 Mindset matters


What makes a successful person different from the rest is their mindset.You may be making millions already but if your mindset is against accumulating all that money then you’re not going to be a millionaire for long.Your mindset alone can take you a long way if you know how to leverage it.
#16 Most people don’t do what they love
It’s true.
The masses are not the ones who live the lives they dreamed of living.And the reason is because they didn’t fight hard enough.They didn’t make it happen for themselves.And the older they get ,and the more they look around,the easier it becomes to believe that we’ll end up the same.So don’t fall for the trap.
#17 Our success is entirely up to us


In our 20’s ,we will quickly learn that no one owes us anything.Our family ,friends,
colleagues will look out for us and support us,but ultimately it is upto us how to pave our own way.
#18 Kindness matters
Again being a busy breeds,every one are busy making their own lives .In this busy world if someone gives their time and respect our time then don’t ever try to judge or hurt them and be kind with them,because they are really precious and not everyone spend their real time with us.So maintaining our manners ,smiling readily and being kind will make peace in our lives.
#19 Dreams do come True

success (1)

Don’t listen to the people who say dreaming is only for kids.Lets refine them that daydreaming is for kids but dreaming,planning and execution is for us.We can dream and achieve it only if we are willing to sacrifice and work for it.Dreaming is the first step towards our goal.And a goal setting is the first step we take in our action plan to fulfill that dream.
#20 Loving ourself

love (1)

Sometimes we simply have to find time for ourselves,but by the end of the day our job is to find our truest self and become the person we are meant to be.So for now let’s start loving our color,looks,size,shape ,height all pros and cons.Remember that we are made to live this life as we are.If we do and think this often enough,we never know,we might just find ourselves falling in love with us all over again.
Our 20’s are an amazing decade .Life offers us many more lessons than these,but we as a individuals should select the lessons which life is trying to teach us and grow as a better person.Growing up is the realization that let us to know the reason of our birth.
So just let us live the life to the fullest because YOLO-you live only once 🙂

Also see the part one here Part one – 20 lessons we learn in our 20’s

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