10 ted talks every millennial should watch in their life time.


 Something that will make your life a thousand times better – a teacher you never had, a friend who will show you the world through completely different eyes, a feeling of belonging and most importantly, hope. It’s a talk where legitimately smart people talking about smart things. But in such an engaging and charismatic way that you just want to watch more and more of them. Okay so, without beating around the bush let me tell you that I’m talking about TED talks, which you gonna know more in this post.

TED is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, Design.

  • It is a non-profit media company in which many speakers talk about a wide range of topic with a small duration (18 minutes or less)in more than 180 languages.
  • Over 130 countries and 1200 cities have hosted a TEDx event.
  • To be specific TED was founded in Feb 1984 as a conference, which has been held annually since 1990.
  • TED talks are taken from the official conference, and they contain a wide range of topics from technology to human empowerment, from science to culture, from storytelling to motivational speeches.
  • These TED talks are available on the official website and apps. These video talks are also posted on Youtube, having more than 10 million subscribers.


In a nutshell, it’s the most influential company and their aim is to spread ideas and experiences, improve communication and connection, spark conversations which enlighten the mind. That’s why they stand true and make justice to their slogan
 “ Ideas Worth Spreading.” I made it a habit to watch at least one video a day. (way better use of time than scrolling endlessly through social media, just MY opinion!). They really change the perception I think about a particular thing and I am not exaggerating!

Some of you may know, but let me tell you that what does happens in TED talks. Speakers from different walks of life, countries, races, genders and different abilities are asked to present their experience and thoughts which are about technology, entertainment, design. Generally, there are two different talks TED and TEDx.  The difference between TED and TEDx is simple that TEDx is independently organized events in Colleges, universities by providing a platform to speak in front of people and influence them.tedx-logo

There are seven different type of TED talks to know before searching for speakers- not every speaker’s talk has to be exactly the same.

  • The Big idea – the talks that make one or two very strong points, and it’s important.
  • The tech demo – An onstage look at some clever new invention that the speaker was a part of creating.
  • The performance – Music, dance, magic, puppetry, or some other performance to captivate their audience.
  • The artist’s statement – In these talks, artists showcase their art and explain the meaning and process behind what they created.
  • The “dazzle with wonder” – these are mainly about the amazement of science and discovery.
  • The small idea – these talks are not about one big, world-changing idea, but instead a very engaging talk on an interesting topic.
  • The “issue “talk – these talks expose their audience to an issue particularly worth spreading.

So all in all TED talks are about anything in the world except business promotion, politics, and religion. There are some legit TED talks you should watch for sure as a millennial, and they are

1)How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure


People are so enthralled with the thrill of speaking that they lose sight that listening is a much more powerful business tool than speaking. In his TED talk, Julian advises people to remember the word “hail.” It stands for. Honesty. Authenticity. Integrity. Love. We’ll learn more in this 10 min power packed video. 

2)How waking up every day at 4.30 am can change your life ?| Filipe Castro Matos

In this Filipe castro, Matos explained about Going beyond natural. Later he set up an own challenge for himself named #21earlydays which don’t mean getting up at 4.30 am. What he challenged was a global status quo. Continued explaining 12 lessons of waking up at 4.30 am for 21 days. Another great 13 minutes to spend.

3)How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over – Mel Robbins

 Make sure you watch until the end because the last 10 minutes are the best part. This Ted Talk is all about how to get what you want and how you are getting in your own way when it comes to achieving it. My favorite quote from the whole talk is when Mel says “in any area of your life that you want to change, there is one fact that you need to know, you are never going to feel like it” and then she challenges us to change our behavior. Well worth the 20 minutes, check it out!

4) How great leaders inspire action? – Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek explained about, What gives the great leaders their edge? Why were Martin Luther King, Wright Brothers, & Steve Jobs successful when others have access to similar resources and conditions? The thing these leaders have in common is summarised in the ‘Golden Circle’. which is What, How, and Why. These 18 mins are worth watching.

5) Teach girls bravery, not perfection – Reshma Saujani

We’re raising our girls to be perfect, and we’re raising our boys to be brave, says Reshma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code. Saujani has taken up the charge to socialize young girls to take risks and learn to program — two skills they need to move society forward. To truly innovate, we cannot leave behind half of our population, she says. “I need each of you to tell every young woman you know to be comfortable with imperfection.”

6) How to find work you love – Scott Dinsmore

Scott Dinsmore quit a job that made him miserable and spent the next four years wondering how to find work that was joyful and meaningful. He shares what he learned in this deceptively simple talk about finding out what matters to you — and then getting started doing it.

7) Why you will fail to have a great career? – Larry Smith

Have you ever thought about becoming something you’ve always wanted to be, only to say, “it’s not realistic” or I can’t because it could jeopardize my relationship? In this funny and blunt talk, Larry Smith pulls no punches when he calls out the absurd excuses people invent when they fail to pursue their passions.

8) Never, ever give up  –Diana Nyad

20 something “The best years of your life.” “The defining decade.” If you’re ever feeling like your whole life hinges on this decade, you need to take some advice from Diana Nyad. At the age of 64, Nyad accomplished her life-long dream of becoming the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida. 64. Not 24. Her secret?

“…the truth is, I’m walking around tall because I am that bold, fearless person, and I will be, every day until it’s time for these days to be done.”

9) Secrets of Success in 8 words, 3 mins by Richard St.John

Got three minutes? This high-paced talk from a self-described “average guy who found success doing what he loved”, summarizes his best-selling book “The 8-Traits That Lead To Great Success” in just three minutes! His points are concisely broken down in a way that leads you to be both entertained and highly informed.

10) Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs — Cameron Herold

Coming from a country that has been stuck in recession for almost a decade, I’ve come to realize that inspiring kids to become entrepreneurs is probably one of the best ways we can leverage the amazing creativity, talent, and drive of our millennial generation and contribute directly to the improvement of our economy. Bored in school? Failing classes? At odds with peers? This child might be an entrepreneur! In his talk, Cameron Herold makes the case for parenting and education that helps would-be entrepreneurs flourish — as kids and as adults.


And this one is a bonus for you guys- Ink Talk Of Varun Agarwal 

From failing in engineering to co-founding a million-dollar company

Varun Agarwal shares a very different mantra of success — “Don’t think.” Watch as Varun shares his fascinating story of starting India’s largest college merchandise company and becoming a bestselling author while braving a certain ‘Anu Aunty’.


So these were some of the best TED talks to watch in your 20 something. And these TEDS talks are truly life-changing. What I mean by life-changing is, Life doesn’t change if you watch an 18 minutes video in the night and expect that your life has changed in the next morning. Instead, these TED talks will change your way of perception in your lives and it keeps on influencing you for a better tomorrow.

Keep on watching them and discover the change in you! 🙂


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