A Drop Of Honey


  “A drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gall”. Some people may have seen this line in the book named How to win friends and influence people which is a masterpiece of Dale Carnegie, explaining briefly about the line which was said by Abraham Lincoln.


 Apart from this let me tell you a story, in which I’ve known this line.

Long, long ago this story was told. It has been told ever since, and here I tell it to you today. There were two men, in which the younger one was known for his anger in his village. High in the desert mountains, they found a cave. Both found a hollow which was filled with the most beautiful, clear honey. They took their water skin and filled it with honey, where the younger filled more. Later they left the cave and come down the mountains.

In the same evening, they went to the town to sell the honey they bought. Both were selling for the same amount in which the younger has more quantity than the old man. But by the end of sale old man was making more money and the younger one was filled with anger that not more people were buying at him. This happened quite often and the young man started depressed in his sales. One day after the sale old man came to younger one and was trying to stretch his hands for a warm hug. But he refused to do so, the later old man asked some honey from him and as he was pouring, one drop of honey fell upon the ground some flies buzzed, swarming around the honey.

“A drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gall isn’t it”, said old man.
Continued, “ I know you are mad at me that I’m making more money than you. But let me tell you one thing, Yes I’m selling more honey than you but more than that I make people come to me and never let then go with empty hands with a sweet nature.

If your temper is aroused and you tell people a thing or two when they come to you, you will have a fine time unloading your anger. But what about the other person, will they share your pleasure? Will your belligerent tones, your hostile attitude, make it easy for them to agree with you?

Your temper will never let anyone surround you instead they will hate you by time. Listen to me boy, Life is too short to show all your hatred of others. If you don’t realize it soon, you will remain as a person who never existed before. So for now just add a drop of honey in your heart and see how people will catch your sweetness and then you will start living your life”. Later the young man left him and went home, started realizing that his anger attitude created a distance with his loved ones and people in his village.

So, the very next day he started greeting the people of his village very sweetly and started showing kindness over them. Later everyone was surprised by his sweet behavior. People started coming to him for honey and he was so happy for the change he had to his life. 

BitterSweetHero (1)

He came to the old man stretched his arms and gave him a warmth gesture and thanked him for the motivation he gave to him. Both were happy and they were happily selling honey till the next hollow filled with the most beautiful and clear honey.

Every moral story has a happy ending, isn’t it? By the way, I hope you know the moral of this story. But let me tell you in my words, there is a huge difference in between getting angry and showing anger. Anger is a very natural emotion and we all get angry in certain situations with certain people and that is also important for our survival. If you don’t get angry on any things then probably you have to consult a doctor. Apart from that, If anger becomes a habit and you show anger to people with no matter and keep on annoying them. Then that will make no sense in living a life because by the end there will be no one left with you to accept your anger. So that was the best piece of advice and motivation I’ve known from this story.

All in all everyone and everything can motivate you,
but the one who can actually bring change in you is only you! 🙂


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