BY DESIGN OR BY DEFAULT? What life are you living?

By Design or By Default ? What life are you living

Many of us live most of our life by default. We study by default, we enter jobs by default, find ourselves overloaded with too many tasks by default, and end up dealing with hassle by default. Although we may have ample plans for our lives, we can be quickly swept away if we are not deliberate of what is going on in our lives.

We only get one shot at living life – one chance. Then, why would we ever spend it passively, in a mode of default? According to the dictionary, the default is defined as “a failure to act; inaction or neglect.” To translate that, living by default would mean a failure to show up for our lives, relinquishing our right to a choice, and ultimately, living lives of inaction or neglect. While in default, life just happens to us, and we accept it without understanding and without awareness.

Are You Living By Default?

This track is where you put your life in other people’s hands. Your life is delimited by other people who decide how you will perceive and perform today, tomorrow or even every day. Because you don’t take any action on your life.

This may seem like I’m exaggerating, but I’m really not. When you live by default, you follow the crowd and do what others are doing. You let things happen to you and influence your life in whatever way they want instead of tweaking things that happen to your desire.

Someone living life by default may seem like this

– They work at a job they don’t necessarily love.

– They feel chaotic, pulled in different directions, out of control of their own life, and unhappy.

– They do what is expected of them because they want to live up to a standard set by other people.

– They don’t take the time to do the stuff that really makes them happy in life because they are too busy trying to do stuff for others.

– They have a problem saying no to people – even when they really want to say it.

– They have no plans for the future, no direction, no goals.

– They have many regrets and disappointments in life.

– They have a negative and pessimistic attitude towards life.

The person by default

Are You Living By Design?

This track is where you put your life in your hands as much as possible. You know where you wanna go, how to get things done, and what you need to do to make it happen. Other people don’t influence your decisions in your life, and they don’t influence how your life is going to go.

Someone living life by design may look like this:

– They have goals that they are working towards.

– They are optimistic about life and where they are going.

– They see failure as an opportunity rather than a dead end.

– They have habits that support the life that they want.

–They make things possible, in any circumstance.

– They respect others for who they are because they know that everyone has their own beliefs, habits, and dreams.

– They feel in control and on track in life.

– They can say no to things that don’t serve any positive purpose for them.

– They do things that make them feel good and positive about.

In short, they are living their own lives and taking charge of it

By design or by default

Why living by design is the better option?

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

-Jim Rohn

In today’s accelerated world that has become increasingly anxious, hectic and superficial, never has it been more important for us all to disrupt our default mode; take a long collective breath; and make the very deliberate decision to live each and every moment more purposefully, less passively, more bravely, less fearfully.

The path of least resistance may feel safe, it may be comfortable and it may require little of you, but it will never lead you to soul level success.

By design or by default


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