Being Fearless

Being fearless and taking risks can be lucrative and life-changing, small steps which can result in big victories. Taking risks can mean different things to different people, at different stages of their life or career – bringing achievements and successes that outweigh the initial feeling of anxiety or worry. Indeed, laying feelings on the line or making your opinions could lead to the start of something special and open new doors. Everyone experiences fear sometimes – it’s part of being human. But no matter how overwhelmed and paralyzed your fear is making you feel, you can break through to fearlessness.

My definition of “ Being Fearless”-

Being fearless isn’t just an absence of fear. It’s an attitude of striving to be the best person you can be without hesitation. It’s not letting anyone hold you back from pursuing something that’s important to you. It’s about being so passionate about something that you wouldn’t let anything stop you from getting or doing what you want.

being fearless

But is it worth it?

Despite the evidence that taking risks is a good thing, by their very nature you don’t know if they are going to pay off until you’ve taken the plunge. There’s also a big difference between taking a risk and being thoughtless. For those who weigh up the options before taking a risk, it could be the best thing they’ve ever done. No matter where you are in your life, you can act your way out of a fearful situation. You can thrive.

#Be authentic, scared and vulnerable. Don’t hide how you feel. Don’t pretend. Be who you are. Face it and embrace your fear. Let your uniqueness shine. Being real is very attractive.

#Learn from failure. Learn from your mistake and try again. There is no reason to be ashamed, embarrassed or fearful. Failure builds character. It creates epic tales of grand adventure. Failure leads to freedom. Fail your way to success. The sooner. The better.

#Connect with others. Really connect with people around you. Get away from your electronics and connect face-to-face. Listen to others. Go and share your views with them. Don’t expect anything in return. Speak up! Don’t be afraid to talk or to be heard. State your opinion. Take a stand. Let others know who you are and what you are all about. You count. You matter. Get things done. Fearless people know that!

#Just do it. Take risks. Do the things you’re afraid to do. Dare. Go after what you want. Don’t spend your time over thinking or over analyzing. Don’t hold yourself back; ask for support, when needed. Bet on yourself.

#Expect & accept discomfort. There will be inevitable discomfort along the road of life. There may be times where you feel unsure, inadequate and weak. Resistance is persistence. Accept the feelings and do it anyway.

#Don’t give up. Try again. Brainstorm solutions. Do something different. Look for the lesson. Look at the problem from a different perspective. Take a break and begin again. Go beyond the fear of not succeeding. Never give up. Never!

being fearless

So, these factors will give the potential that being fearless isn’t a bad thing anyway it wouldn’t create a hindrance from achieving and enjoying life to the fullest! Just least bother and don’t give fear a priority!

And that’s the moment; you can become fearless and you can do whatever you want to, No matter what it will cost! Create stories of your own, so that when you are at your 70′s, and look back at your younger age, you won’t regret! Be fearless! Life is short and the clock is ticking!

“Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.” 

                                                                                                            -Misty Copeland

 being fearless                                                                                                                       


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  1. Hey, I just found your blog and I like this post a whole lot. You give some educated points. Where might I learn more?

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    1. Probably in this blog itself :p Thank you !!!


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