Without getting highly technical, let me tell you what I consider about perception.

” We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.”
                                                                        – Anais Nin

I believe that the above quote is very authentic because perception is everything about how you sense, your opinions or views, your understanding of someone or something. It is an opinion, an attitude, or an interpretation of events. It determines the way you respond to a given stimulus. Your perception of life is defined by your past experiences, preferences, beliefs. In short, your perception is your reality. Every person in this world believes in things from a distinct perspective, especially in their own way.

Perception in terms of assumptions:

Perceptions are merely made on assumptions. Every realm that you consider as a possibility from your observation of the daily phenomena is based on how you perceive things. Therefore, your perception is your reality. It is solely specific to you. I’ll tell you a small conversation, A teacher teaching math’s class to a six-year-old asked him,” If I give one apple, another apple, and one more apple.  how many do you have?”. Within a few seconds, the young boy confidently replied ” Four!”. The dismayed teacher was expecting an effortless correct answer. She thought the child did not listen properly. She repeated the question again and the boy again without hesitatingly replied ” Four..”. She was very disappointed with the boy’s answer. He was pleased with another try. This time the teacher replaced the apples with strawberries. With twinkling eyes, the boy replied “Three?”.

The teacher now had a smile on her face and said that the answer for both the apples and strawberries are same “Three”.  The young boy interpreted the teacher abruptly and said: ” I have four apples!”. She was aghast and asked ” Tell me how you will have four apples?” in a little stern voice. The young boy hesitatingly replied, ” Because I already have one apple in my bag”.

In this context, the young boy’s perception was exact. Because he just answered the question of how many apples will be there with him? ( assuming his apple in the bag too). This simply means every person have their own set of perceptions for everything.

How does conception work with perception?

You only perceive something you have previously conceived as a possible perseverance. Conception educates your perceptions. It is the most vital ability you have, and the one which some people mostly take for granted, barely noticing how important it is in influencing how you perceive the world. Pre-questioning is a form of conceptualization and opens the mind to be able to perceive precisely. Without question, your perception might be obscured, simply. Thoughts are something that shines a light on what you perceive, curing your ignorance. The prominent educator inside your mind is always doing one or the other: Opening your perceptions to new wisdom, insight, or consciousness, or closing them down. It is the one thing you have absolute control over; conceiving how you perceive, although it may take years educating your perception to accept the reality, however, it is worth the conception.

Do these perceptions affect you?


Your perception of the world around can differ from seeing everything as positive, negative, or anywhere in between. And the way you perceive situations will be the driving force behind how you behave and react to them. Your outlook affects not just what decisions you make in life, but what you do when life makes decisions for you. It’s all up to you how your perceptions are affecting you whether in a positive manner or in a negative manner. Your perception is your own reality; there is no question about that. Reality and thoughts change and flicker constantly.

Changing your thoughts and trying to go from negative to positive costs nothing. Visualizing happiness and where you would like to be in your life takes a few minutes a few times a day. Appreciating what you have that is good in your life only makes you feel better and opens your eyes to more good things. Positive perceptions, in fact, help you to deal with some unknown affirmations in Life.

 Is life filled with perceptions?

Here’s the thing can you prove what kind of power your consciousness have over the world? Not exactly right!, however, You just keep on assuming that there’s a lot of random factors that come into play in your life whether its accidents or untold impacts or something which constantly influences you. But some people don’t know that there’s a lot of things about being a person, having a perception which is completely different from an entire reality that they live in.

People generally perceive everything defined in terms of how much something weighs or distances, but these are just sort of crude static factors in a constantly and moving world. And the human mind interacting with that world might be more significant than they think it is.

Nothing exists for you until you perceive it. That perception goes far past your conscious mind however & deeply into your conscious. The nature of reality is so much larger & more profound than you consciously understand with the 5% of your mind that is the conscious part. According to science, it is formally agreed that there is no such thing as time & space, meaning absolutely everything is a part of everything else – so all parts of reality are a deep part of every other. As there are atoms mostly in empty space inside these subatomic particles they are moving and they are still at the same time blinking in and out of existence, they go somewhere and disappear and then come back. People have no idea where it goes, merely they know that it exhibits.


It's all about perception

Some things are just assumed or perceived, people cannot find shreds of evidence for everything in this universe, it’s actually improbable. In the same way, Life is all filled with some perceptions having answerless questions, it will be layman’s act if you keep on finding reasons for what happens in Life. It will be more authentic to find the purpose of life set some perceptions believing everything happens for a reason– actually make sense. It only takes a moment to change your life. Not because you’ll instantly feel the change and solve your problems by thinking, but because a change in your mindset will change your behavior. Instead of wasting your time wondering why a problem has occurred, you will start focusing on finding the most optimal solution. Once you start the ball rolling it picks up speed very quickly. This all takes work and it’s up to you if it’s worth putting in the effort, but I really hope that you decide to do it.


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