Before going through the blog here’s a quick fact to know,

According to the sixth economic census survey, women constitute only 13.76% of the total entrepreneurs. This means, out of the 58.5 million functional businesses, only 8.05 million of them have a female as a boss. This survey also unveiled that most of these women run companies are small scale and 79 percent of them are self-financed.

                With the ever-increasing awareness of women empowerment, there is a progressive increase in women who are more educated and forward thinkers, realizing their actual potential. Now, women are becoming a significant unit of society and also influencing the course of social change. Women have set extraordinary standards being at top designations and entrepreneurs, making society realize their identity as the most prosperous managers. The gender stereotypes which were more prevalent in the society decades ago are breaking slowly. But there is still a long way to go.


women entrepreneurs

Innovation has no gender line, yet women entrepreneurs often have to work harder and smarter to be recognized in an arena that is still mostly male-dominated. Women have always been drivers behind great successes from time immortal. It is both fortunate and unfortunate that their contributions are being recognized only now. Specifically, women entrepreneurs in India are inadequate in numbers than male entrepreneurs, and that is a well-known fact. However, the fact doesn’t end here, studies and survey also point out that in terms of global scenario Indian women entrepreneurs are far behind other countries. Even though the changing mindset of the people in India has shown an optimistic result but yet there is a lot to be done. The below picture intents to the facts,

Global women entrepreneur leaders scorecard.

The 2015 Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard, (sponsored by Dell Inc, is a data-driven diagnostic tool that identifies the impediments to high-impact female entrepreneurship and introduces actionable steps that can be taken to improve the conditions for high-impact female entrepreneurship development at the country level). It resembles that  India ranks at 29th position and hails far back from US, Canada, Australia. India puts back Pakistan and Bangladesh, not a triumph though. For the betterment of women entrepreneurs, there is a lot to be done in India. However, there are few obstacles which are stopping women to take a leap –Society, lack of assistance, Financing etc.

These are a few authentic reasons why we need more women entrepreneurs?

Women entrepreneurs see the world through a different lens and, in turn, do things in a distinctive manner. We have reasons why women entrepreneurs have a fantastic future in the upcoming era.

 Setting Examples

With so many stereotypes lurking around our Indian society we seriously need strong and independent women to set some classic examples of individuality and break free those stereotypes. We need more and more women to come out of their houses and chase their dreams until it becomes a reality.

Balancing the gender bias

Gender equality

Often this is hugely cradled wherein it is believed that only some of the streams or sectors are meant for women. With a number of female entrepreneurs taking things in their hands, we can successfully overcome this gender-based bias in workspace or industries.

“India ranks 113th out of 135 countries when it comes to gender gap and women entrepreneurs constitute just 10% of the total entrepreneurs in the country,” says Forbes India

More Likely To Succeed

Research that was done on the global front reveals that startups that are run by females often end up being more successful. It is believed that women are better at handling finance related risk and generate ideas that are more creative.

Economic Growth


The influx of more women into the workforce has led to significant economic growth and productivity. While more women have sought and acquired employment in greater numbers, their participation as entrepreneurs is very less. Fewer women have become entrepreneurs, meaning their potential to contribute to innovation, job creation, and economic growth has been untapped yet. However, women can start new businesses that cater to a totally different market or niche than their male counterparts.

Above reasons, are not just mere facts, but they have proof hidden behind them.

McKinsey (A global institute) reported that if women started a business at the same rate as men, global GDP would be better off to the tune of $28 Trillion by 2025. We can now imagine what positive impact this would have on the world and all people. (Now it seems we need more women in entrepreneurship right !)

Let’s not forget those female entrepreneurs who are also the key to shaping the next generation. When it comes to motivating young women, they are incredibly inspiring. Exposing other women to these leaders offer a more easily imaginable and attainable level of success. As always, change comes with time and millions of women have the passion and the drive to succeed. Through support and recognition, they will continue to build healthy businesses that improve our economy and generate lasting social impacts which lead this world astonishingly.

women in entrepreneurship


Thank you for reading it till the end, hope you extract some inspiration to take a leap on your entrepreneurial dreams. Feel free to follow this blog, like and, share if it’s worth 🙂


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