In general, the term personal growth is used often but explained rarely. However, in this blog, you will get to know about personal growth and a few practical ways to improve it. So let’s get started.

Revamping personal growth is the ongoing process of understanding and developing oneself in order to achieve one’s fullest potential. Many of your actions may already be geared toward “self-improvement”. This self-improvement, however, is mostly unconscious and for the majority of people, it’s a case of pursuing “things” and “stuff” with the all-too-common assumption that when we get enough stuff, we will be happy. You don’t have to search too far to find how wrong this theory is.

Personal growth has a profound effect on every single aspect of our life. As we grow on a personal level, we begin to feel more passionate about life in general. We are naturally more motivated because learning and growing add motivation and a sense of excitement. It provides us with both the incentive and the means to become the best possible version of ourselves.

 Ironic as it seems, personal growth expands our frame of reference to include the people around us instead of becoming more self-centered. As our world expands, so does our awareness of the possibilities and opportunities around us. This possibility mindset fills us with an attitude of eager anticipation as we start every new day.

Working on personal growth is quite easy and starts with the smallest of choices. Choose to do something kind for yourself. Here are a few practical ways to improve your personal growth in your own life and you are sure to succeed:

Read a book every day

why you need to read books

I’ll never feel tired to tell this even if it is 100th time on this blog because books are concentrated sources of wisdom. The more books you read, the more wisdom you expose yourself to. You have to believe it-books are an essential part of personal growth.

When you’re reading a book every day, you will feed your brain with more and more knowledge which intends your personal growth.

Write a letter to your future self

Write a letter to yourself

Where do you see yourself after 5 years from now? Seems like an interview question where most of us lie. But here the question is for you from yourself, so be honest.

From this technique, you’ll get a clear vision of your plans towards your career so that you will work according to it. Practically this is also an essential way for personal growth.

 Overcome your fears


Sometimes fear holds back from taking risks. We tend to get so caught up in our uncertainties and the unknown that it prevents us from taking a chance at personal growth. Overcome your fears by recognizing the barriers in front of you and finding ways to overcome them.

Fears are the compass for growth. Fears represent an obstacle that you need to address in order to move forward. Don’t hide from your fears. Face them, defeat them, and achieve personal growth in the process. And what actually matters is being fearless.

Identify your blind spots

Scientifically, blind spots refer to areas our eyes are not capable of seeing. In personal development terms, blind spots are things about ourselves we are unaware of. Discovering our blind spots help us discover our areas of improvement. Discovering and understanding our blind spots can help us grow and improve.

Think about the people in the background, the things that affect your mood during the day, the way you interact with others. These blind spots, when identified, can help you look at the bigger picture. Address your blind spots and utilize them in a way that helps you grow.

Stay focused


We all encounter distractions. Sometimes it’s a life event, relationship, new interest, or obstacle that comes out of left field and kicks our routine off kilter. Distractions are completely normal and also entirely unavoidable. We can never allude them, so accepting that you’re bound to get distracted now and then can certainly make the process easier for you.

Just remember to regain your focus. You’re working toward something: a goal, a life milestone, right? Stay focused as much as you can to continue growing and bettering yourself in all the ways that matter to you most. Never allow distractions to consume your attention. Acknowledge them, address them, and move on! Keeping focused is essential to personal growth.

“Life is growth. If we stop growing, technically and spiritually, we are as good as dead.”
Morihei Ueshiba 

Personal growth and self-development are arguably some of the most important activities you can do. Rather than perceiving this as a selfish act, revamping on yourself to become a better person benefits those around you, as well as those in your community and workplace making you more world-minded. Nothing is going to get through. You are responsible for your personal growth — not anyone else.

Make the decision to commit to your personal growth and embrace yourself to a life-long journey of growth and change. Kick off your growth by picking a few of the steps above and working on them.

The results may not be immediate, but I promise you that as long as you keep to it, you’ll start seeing positive changes in yourself.

Thank you for reading till the end. I believe this post was useful and you got to know something good.

Your life is now – made up of a series of moments. Live intentionally in the present moment and you’ll begin to experience the joy and happiness you seek. 🙂






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