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As children, everything we do in life comes with a teacher, or a parent directing us and helping us along the way. Words of encouragement are plentiful, and there always seems to be someone looking out for our well-being. As adults, this association becomes much more difficult to sustain. We pretend to be smart as we grow old, so things won’t happen in the same way. Our perception changes to everything- to add this some people get deviated and find no way to move forward in life. That’s where the point we need a mentor in life who can help us to rise.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone assisting you in life to bring out the best in you? In my view, it’s always great to have a mentor and here are a few significant reasons to aid my view, which I found in my mentor!

# They’ll always encourage you to get up and fight back.

You can do it

Enduring the consequences of failure on your own can set you back and impact your productivity. In hard times, having a mentor will help you keep your head high. Youngsters often deal with depression when they are unable to meet their goals and expectations. The impact of depression on them is often underreported.
A mentor who has experienced the highs and lows is in the perfect position to give positive and soothing words of advice to you when things refuse to go your way. And not only do they have the right words to share, but they would also have ideas to help you navigate your way to success. In times encouragement from a good person works than anything.

# They’ll let you know the big picture.

Big picture

A mentor is the one who acts as your example. Just like children grow into adults by the example of their parents, you forward your career with the guidance of these mentors.
A mentor is a specialist who knows his abilities well enough to get you to your destination. We, as normal human beings tend to overlook the smaller details of things which are so obvious to us; but under the guidance of a mentor, you master these small details which make up the big picture. As they know the taste of success before you tried.

# They’ll help you to connect with new people.

network with people

Although the point of a mentor isn’t to squeeze them for connections, a bonus side effect of a positive, well-developed mentorship can be the chance to tap into your mentor’s network.
When you have built a good bond, your mentor starts introducing you to other people they think can help with your goals, direction or business. Ideally, you shouldn’t begin a mentorship with the explicit goal of using your mentor for their connections. Networking is one of the best ways to grow your career and they will appreciate your initiative.

# They help you walk through the path.

mentor will help you to walk through the path.

If you have a good mentor, they will always be willing to share their knowledge and pull from their own experiences to help you succeed. Usually, your mentor should be someone who is where you would like to be or has had similar experiences in their past.
A mentorship is to help you move forward or even pivot with the goals you have set. They can give advice about a variety of career elements. These include setting and achieving career goals, making business decisions, overcoming workplace challenges, learning new skills and so on. In short, they can help you from baby steps in your career goals.

# They’ll inspire you to bring the best of you

Feel inspired!

The best way to achieve success is by adopting the mentality and mindset of these successful mentors.
If you’ve identified someone you admire the most and always get inspired with their moves, then this is the time you got to tell them what you feel about their success and ask them if you can get any assistance to fulfill your goals as well. And I’m sure they’ll be happy to assist. When you start acting and doing things the way they do, you will start seeing beneficial results within no time.

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# You’re more likely to succeed with a mentor.

Research and surveys prove that having a mentor is important to success. In a 2017 executive coaching survey, 80 percent of CEOs said they received some form of mentorship. In another research by Sage, 93 percent of startups admit that mentorship is instrumental to success.
Your chances of success in life or in business can be amplified by having the right mentor. The valuable connections, timely advice together with the spiritual and moral guidance you will gain from having a mentor – will literally help you to succeed.

When your mentor believes in you and encourages you in a way that nobody else does, that has an immediate positive impact whether that’s long term or short term.
A significant aspect of your life is figuring yourself out and setting a foundation for your future whether or not that includes a career, a family or whatever else you may choose for yourself. Family and friends are critical to helping you navigate your life (especially in the twenties) but so is a mentor. Get a mentor online or offline start experiencing life in good hands.

Find the person whom you admire the most and let them know you seek some mentoring from them. And here you can find an ONLINE MENTOR.
For those moments when you need someone to help you constructively judge your options and choices, celebrate wins big and small, and show you how to know better and do better, I got mine- now it’s time to get yourself a mentor. Good luck!

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