About this blog

    Okay ! so if you are reading this, then probably two things might happen I may incessantly text you the link or you have traveled through the tunnels of the deep darknet and found this page. Anyway, you came here then you have to know first things first – WOMEN EMPOWERMENT is the MAIN MOTTO of this blog.

When life gives you Lemon, make Lemonade”

Well, life has thrown a few lemons at me and I’m slowly learning how to turn those lemons into some wonderful lemonade! Let me tell you more about why, how and when I started this blog. Granted this will not be the snapshot of the content in this blog, but I hope you might be understood how this journey began. Generally, to start any blog there are 3 stages of C’s to follow 1)choosing a content 2) creating a blog and 3)customization. Unlike others, the 3 stages of C’s were a bit distinctive for me.

It all started when I was having my favorite cup of Coffee and viewing a special post about “create your own blog”, and I was so excited to create my own too. Fast forwarded to two years, again I heard the word blogging for the second time when I and my big brother were having some solemn discussions about careers. (p.s – this time I’ve decided to create a blog). Alike all mothers think that their children are the only person who uses the phone all the time. My mother also started chiding me “Give some break to your phone otherwise it will blast!!”.I replied, “Mom, I’m not chatting all the time, you know I’m writing a blog”. This time she was so happy and proud of me for the lie which I told her. And now I’m here to give that pretty lie a life and I also thank you guys for being part of this reality!

P.S.- Thank you so much #matthermano ❤ for always inspiring me, until you’ve given me the timeline I’m sure I wouldn’t have commenced this blog yet!!

Little about me-

In a nutshell, I’m an Electronic engineer by qualification, blogger by interest, a visionary by nature, volunteer by concern, sometimes revolutionary by ideas, an entrepreneur in future(for sure), passionate about cooking and photography.

So, this was all about my blog and me. Hope you had a great time on this blog. Come back for more fascinating blog posts.

Thank you for stopping by. I’m,

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